Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blog Envy

I have a Facebook acquaintance who shall remain nameless (because I am about to say something unflattering and I don't like hurting people's feelings. He/She probably doesn't even know about this blog, but the world gets smaller every day) ... Anyway, this person writes things like "finished my moves on my word games" on his/her Facebook status. His/Her (okay, from now on I'm saying "hers" because I'm already sick of this) status updates never consist of anything more profound than "picked Marcia up from the doctor and just got home."

I admit that this person is older than I am and probably not very tech-savvy. Perhaps she doesn't understand the benefits of a social networking site. Or perhaps she simply has no deep or even semi-deep thoughts. Don't believe me? Here's a real-live sample:

Apr 13 1:03 am: Made my moves in word games and heading for bed.
April 16 10:13 am: Haven't been on the computer lately, so trying to catch up with emails.
April 16 10:33 am: Just getting on computer - will catch up on emails then word game moves.
April 17 1:12 am: Finally finished my emails (except gmail)
April 17 1:47 am: Never did get to the word games, but I did update my blog at [actual blog link was here] Going to bed......zzzzzzzzz
April 17 8:55 am: going to attempt to solve newspaper sudoku using ancient sudoku software.
April 17 9:37 pm: Finished the Sudoku in 30 mins 33 secs with some major distractions on Skype
April 17 11:43 pm: Updated my blog at [actual blog link here]
April 18 1:03 am: Finished my moves on my word games.

I know. I know. Riveting. And it's all I can do to keep from commenting on her status updates with that very word. But I don't know her well enough to risk her not understanding my wit. She seems to be very literal, does she not?

If you're the ever-hopeful type as I am, you may be thinking, "Hey, check out the blog she posted. Surely there's something of interest there. Maybe she just doesn't know how to whittle her deeply philosophical, long-winded prose down to a few characters."

Wrong. Yet another live sample below. Some names have been changed to protect the innocent:

I met with Valerie at Webster Insurance to discuss proposed policy for the radio station. I met Leo at the bank with hopes of setting up automatic debit for donors, but only managed to make an appointment for next week. I walked Shari's dogs around the block because I can't release them in the back yard with Joe's guard dog back there. Leah & I went for supper at Arby's then shopped at Mark's Work Wearhouse and I stopped at Ralph's for a socket plug-in while Leah went to Value Den. We came home early and have been relaxing since. I have been watching golf and NHL Playoffs on TV.

Okay, I'm just not going to say anything else about this person. It's not only mean, but it's downright unnecessary to denigrate her. Some truths are self-evident.

But I'm inclined to think there's a reason God put this person in my life, albeit just my cyber life. I have spent a lot of time lately reading some excellent blogs written by very good writers, who just a decade ago would have remained nameless. I'm thankful for the ever-expanding cyber universe where I can pick a topic - any topic - and educate or entertain myself with abandon because thinkers and writers can type on their laptop a half a world away—and immediately engage me.

On the other hand, I am often so awestruck by other writers that I flog my fragile ego with self-depracating thoughts and sit frozen in front of the screen counting the cursor blinks because I apparently have nothing significant to write. That's when I go to my nameless Facebook friend's blog and smile. I can muster up my courage to write about things that are much more salient than going to Arby's , and I can use complex sentences and sometimes even impressive vocabulary to do it. And then I can go play a word game.