Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A confession

It's not that I haven't been writing... it's that I don't want to post my serious stuff on a public blog. So sorry. Do you still love me?

Hello? Oh, that's right. There's no one reading this anyway. :) Har.

What I mean by "serious" is the stuff that I take seriously... the stuff I may want to publish someday. I'd hate to send it to a publisher and find out that a stranger beat me to it. Yes, beat me to a publisher with some "serious stuff." I'm amazingly articulate. I should be a writer.

It burst my rose-colored bubble (awwww. It was so pretty) when it dawned on me that I shouldn't post my stories here. If I die before I get them published, I will wish I had posted them, because someone might stumble upon them and decide that they're good, or better yet, actually glean something valuable from them and... hmmm... change the world. What do you think, pink bubble? Hello?

Well anyway, they're not "done" enough... so I won't post them. You can't make me! :)


Janet said...

I'm with you, GF. Don't post because you might publish. And if you don't publish while you're here, there are wonderful authors who published posthumously . . .

Carver said...

Hey Jackie,

I'm reading this blog and keep checking for more stories but I understand if you want to save them. Here's another idea. If you mail them to yourself and don't open them, that's an inexpensive form of copyright. Then, if you post your serious stories and at the bottom put copyright Jackie Doss Doss Doss 2007 all rights reserved, they are copyrighted. Cheers, Carver

mlittle said...

I can't find your 'other' xanga blog anymore... I always had a hard time leaving comments at xanga though. So I usually just read. (A hit and run).

Congrats on N E D!