Thursday, May 07, 2009

Am I a Writer, or a Wannabe?

I'm a writer wannabe. I have spent a lot more time wannabe'ing than writing.

I have never been paid for my writing, unless you count the monetary prize I won on behalf of a lady who bid $50 for my writing services at a silent auction. After receiving acclaim and $500, she took me to dinner.

The story above is a glimpse into the self-esteem issues of most writer wannabes. We know deep down that we're good at it. We've received accolades from the time we were young. We shine in the universities with our insight and well-turned phrases. We teach and encourage others to write. We don't finish manuscripts.

I had planned a lengthy essay about how important it is for us wannabes to use the "say it and claim it" mentality to motivate ourselves, because if we keep saying we're wannabes, well... you know. I could wax eloquently for several more paragraphs, but the demons in my head are giving me an untold number of reasons to stop.

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Criss said...

Don't listen to those demons! You write, therefore you are a writer. Period, end of story.

Keep writing, and you will finish a manuscript. Then you'll be too busy finishing your MS to ask yourself silly questions like whether you're a writer or a wannabe.