Tuesday, October 10, 2006

When Will Horses Fly?

When I was first diagnosed, I believed that I would be inspired to write a lot, because writing has always been like therapy for me. But I sure haven't written very much in the past two years! As usual, I bring out the notebooks, mull over old writings, and then put them away until the muse comes again. I KNOW that I have to invite the muse by picking up my pen (or perch my fingers on the keyboard)... but, like many things that I KNOW (how to diet, how to exercise, how to pray, how to study, how to ..... okay you get the picture), I seldom actually put my knowledge into practice.

My friend MahrKay told me yesterday that I should write about the "Come to Jesus" meeting I had in the locker room of the YMCA. No, there was no coach yelling at me about how I'd lost the game for the rest of the team. Just me and God.

I think I'll write about it tomorrow. :) How's that for using the ancient writer's tool: "Suspense"?

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Carver said...

Hi Jackie,

You hooked me with that cliff hanger, and I'll be back to see if you write the story.

I'll admit that you got a laugh out of me when you teased me about my loss for words. My sister will also be rolling in the aisles over that one.

Thanks for the laugh, Carver