Thursday, March 12, 2009

“WAG #3: A New Friend” . . . but not yet

This week's exercise from Nixy Valentine ( Sit somewhere that you can watch strangers passing by. Choose someone that you don’t know, but you can imagine being friends with. Describe them in concrete terms, particularly whatever it is about them you find appealing (or unappealing!) Feel free to also write what you imagine that makes you warm to them, but don’t forget to describe reality as well!

I had every intention of observing people around me when I went to girls' night out tonight. But I plumb forgot! And I don't get out much, so there's no telling when I'll have another opportunity. :)

What started out as possibly a half a dozen or so of us meeting for dinner, drinks, & music turned out to be three of us, which was great... more chance to get to know one another better (because we don't actually know each other very well). The interesting thing is that all night, I thought there were only two of us. That's because there were, indeed, only two people at my table. Myself and Donna. But where was Shannon? Where was the woman we knew we couldn't possibly miss because she has very lovely BRIGHT RED HAIR that should easily have been spotted from across the restaurant.

Somehow we managed to be in the same restaurant for three and a half hours - arrive at nearly the same time and leave at nearly the same time - and completely miss one another. Thankfully, Shannon brought a friend, so she wasn't alone. AND she was smart - she sat by the quesadilla bar. Normal women would have grazed in that area. Not us! We sat down and didn't budge. After all, there was a young man bringing us drinks and food. Why should we move?

So... By now you've figurd out that this isn't actually my WAG exercise. I promise I'll get to it... sometime. The irony of it is that I was supposed to be observant. If I had been, perhaps we would have been able to enjoy Shannon's company tonight.


cebu pictures said...

I officially and publicly proclaim: Cancer is NOT my identity!

Why did you say that?

Jackie said...

I said this because when I started this blog, I described myself as a Stage IV Melanoma Warrior. I have been fighting cancer for 7 years. Statistically, a Stage IV melanoma patient has a 7-month survival time. I have been cancer-free for over two years now, and have decided that it is not WHO I am; it's a disease that I (may or may not) have. I'm getting on with my life and leaving my constant worry and preoccupation with cancer behind me.

Linda said...

I could so use a 'girl's night out' with young men bringing me drink and food.

Congrats on the 2 year survival. It is a milestone for this cancer. My dad just finished a course of chemo/radiation for stage 4 squamous cell lodged in his paranasal sinus.

It's all about attitude. Bsttled my own battles, and the mindset's the tipping point.

Peace, Linda