Monday, March 02, 2009

Writing Adventure Group

I've been neglecting this blog ever since I started the wordpress blogsite. But now I have joined the Writing Adventure Group, so I'll be using this blog for my exercises .... er... adventures. The first one is called "The Sky is the Limit." ( When I get my courage up... um, I mean, when I get focused, I'll add another post in answer to "The Sky is the Limit." Really I will.

Why, you may ask, am I bothering to post about the fact that I'm going to post something? Well that's a good question.

*The previous statement, and the question preceding it are an example of procrastination ... otherwise known as a delaying technique. You've heard other examples of these before. They spew from your teenager's mouth in the form of "huh?" after you ask him a question that you know he heard and understood perfectly well. He uses it to buy himself time to think of a believable answer.

And that's enough about that. Coming up next: "The Sky is the Limit." Huh?


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Carver said...

Hi Jackie, Good to see you blogging on blogger again. I subscribe to your blog in bloglines, although I'll have to check and see if it's still there as I may have thought your stopped blogging here and switched over to having your wordpress one in the bloglines feedreader.

I've never tried the follow blog option since I use bloglines as a feedreader to read people's posts all in one place, but I know it's possible to follow mine because I've noticed that I have some followers that show up on my page. I think if you click on my name here it will go to where it shows the followers and should give you the option of adding mine. But I'm not sure how to do it. I do use the new blogger though.

Great hearing from you. I don't participate much on the MPIP anymore but I do check to see how people are doing and occasionally post. I haven't seen you there lately either so I've been picturing you writing, playing music, leaving melanoma behind. Woohooo! I get my 4 year scan this thursday so cross your fingers for me. I'm sure it will be another NED scan.

Carver said...


I'm just as wordy as ever. Freaked me out when I hit publish and saw how long my comment was. Ha ha ha . . .